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During sex, you create an imaginable connection with your partner. It is a platform which you are free to explore on the weirdest things say oral, anal and even different sexual positions. There are plenty of ways to overindulge in the act of sex. Sex should be a thrill and something that must be enjoyed. You can be as explicit as you wish provided your partner is open to the idea. Therefore, to spice up your sex life, you can experiment on a couple of toys that are in the market today.

For couples, the idea of bringing sex devices in the bedroom may seem daunting especially if you have an egomaniac guy. For men, they want to prove capable, and thus sex toys would tamper with their ego. However, this should not be the case. It is about being open to ideas and adventuring together. There are different sex toys, say those that a guy can use and those designed for women. Hence bring life to your sex life by incorporating some sex toys for couples. Below are some outstanding ideas.

1. Doc Johnson Warming Wand iVibe

Wand iVibe is designed to take your sexual encounter to another level. It features a long handle that you can hold from any position. It is a clit stimulating vibrator that is endowed with electric feel as it warms up around the clit. Get adventurous in the act and help her experience mind-blowing orgasms.

2. We-Vibe Match

Even though many models want to mimic this brand, we-vibe has secured a reputable position in the market. It features a c-shape whereby one end is designed to fit in the vagina while the other end holds on to the clit. It has a remote control, and you can intimately punish her with it as you watch. This will heighten your arousal as well as hers. The device is penetration safe. Thus, you can still use it during penetrative sex. As one end make small slides to the vagina, she experiences turbo-charges which also reach the shaft of your penis as you thrust. The feeling is awesome and inculcates mutual orgasms.

3. Lelo Sona

It features sonic waves and pulses which gives oral sensation for the clit. It similarly suctions the clitsij as a man would. It is a perfect challenge who are yet to master the art of cunnilingus. With Lelo, you are sure are sure your partner is covered if you are the kind who would never go down on her. You can watch her squirm and squirt with pleasure as she calls your name. Lelo is going to make you jealous of her pleasure. Thus, it is a perfect gift for her birthday or even a surprise gift.

Lelo Sona Clitorial Massager

4. Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit

It is a dual stimulant which means, it is a perfect bedroom tool that works to stimulate both the clit and the G-spot at the same time. If you have never squirted, be sure to mess your shits with Satisfyer Pro. It is silicon made with an ABS plastic handle. It induces some pleasurable waves and touch-like sensation on the clit, bettering the bedtime moments.

5. Sir RichardsElements MS

It perfects your blowjob experience. With some lube, hook the element on the dick and enhance the grip with your hand. Watch hips as the sparks rise and he cannot hold it more.

For a fantastic experience, the above sex toys will help brighten your romance life. Get the clitoral, prostate, shaft, and G-spot stimulation since you deserve it as a couple.

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